I Show You How To Make Golden Milk- a Delicious, Ancient and Healing Beverage

Golden Milk is a delicious tasting healing tea and an ancient beverage used to improve digestion, joint health, immunity and energy.

Watch me make my Golden Milk recipe below right now on YouTube PLUS enjoy tips throughout the video on the recipe’s ingredients. For the written recipe just scroll beneath the video.Enjoy!

Here’s my recipe…choose based on your mind/body taste preferences.

Makes 2-4 servings:
1/2 – 1 tsp tumeric
1tsp-1tbs ghee
8-16 oz Organic Milk choose one

  • Organic Cow or Goat Milk for balancing Vata or Pitta
  • Vanilla Almond Milk for balancing Vata or Pitta
  • Vanilla Soy for balancing Pitta or Kapha
8-16oz Pre-made Premium Tea choose one 

  • Yogi Spice Tea or Chai Spice Tea – great for fall, winter and early spring – Balancing for Vata or Kapha
  • Rose Oolong or Jasmine Pearls -great for late spring and summer – Balancing for Vata or Pitta
  • Milk Oolong or Matcha Green Powdered Tea year round -Balancing for Vata, Pitta or Kapha

Natural Sweeteners choose one

  • Raw Honey balancing for Vata or Kapha
  • Agave or Maple Syrup Balancing for Pitta
Watch me make this Golden Milk recipe right now on YouTube.
  1. Saute turmeric in ghee until only bubbly, be careful not to burn.
  2. Add milk gradually and bring to a boil once, then stop and remove from heat. (Helps make milk protein digestible)
  3. Add pre-made tea warm or at room temperature
  4. Add sweetener to taste

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4 Responses to I Show You How To Make Golden Milk- a Delicious, Ancient and Healing Beverage

  1. Elisabeth says:


    Thank you for your wisdom, you are a perfect teacher.

    leis gach deagh dhurachd (with every good wish..Scottish Gaelic)

    • Elisabeth,
      “I am only as perfect a teacher, as the student is receptive to learning”..I thank you for your willingness to learn, your generous compliment and your loving supportive presence! Namaste, Gina
      P.S. Sign up to receive an email when a post something new on my blog. You can keep up with me this way, just enter your email where it asks for it on the right side of my blog.

  2. Gabrielle Wise says:


    The acupuncture school I am a patient at recommended drinking golden milk. After I Google-searched recipes, I came upon your delicious recipe in your elightening and fun video. Yours is the only recipe I came across that includes the step of cooking the tumeric in ghee, which I find a lovely, aromatic touch. My system also responds very well to ghee, so it works on that level for me too. I have been making the golden milk daily now for the last week and I can already see a difference in my overall health and mood.

    My question is, would you recommend using coconut milk as an alternative to cow’s milk? If so, which doshas are balanced by the use of coconut milk?



    • Hi Gabrielle,
      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. So glad that you enjoyed the Golden Milk Video.
      I also appreciate how you are understanding the importance and ease in making any recipe Mind Body Specific or Dosha Specific.
      Golden Milk is very nourishing and builds something we call “Ojas” in Ayurveda which is connected to vital life fluids, energy and immune health.
      It is important that the ghee and milk are digestible, so this is why you hear me talk and demonstrate the use of spices like Fresh Ginger and Cardamom.
      Vata who’s “Ama” (or toxic substance which disturbs digestion ) measures low, may use Whole Cow’s Milk or Coconut Milk or Almond Milk as these are most nourishing and “Ojas” Building.
      Pitta also use these same Milks in small amounts with fresh ginger and cardamom.
      Kapha does better with Goat Milk, Skim Milk or Soy Milk with powdered ginger and cardamom.
      I would love to know….Please share and tell us more about the difference you are seeing in your overall health and mood?
      Namaste, Gina

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