Summer Fruit Energy Smoothie

Gina’s Spring /Summer Fruit Energy Smoothie

For a fast healthy breakfast try fruit smoothies or other natural low fat protein drinks. Keep your smoothie cool but not iced or frozen.

Berry Smoothie

  • Use Almond,  Soy or Organic Low Fat Milk or Organic Non-Fat Yogurt for creamy base
  • For Liquid Base use Organic Fruit Sweetened Berry, Apple Juice or Unsweetened Herbal Berry Tea
  • Organic Fresh or Frozen Berries or Mix
  • Optional Sweeteners Organic Honey, Maple Syrup or Agave Syrup

*Measurements depend on desired consistency

** On active work-out days add ripe banana, Rainbow Light, Jay Robbs or Spirutine Brand Protein Powder Vanilla or other flavored  Whey or Soy or Egg White or Rice Protein


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One Response to Summer Fruit Energy Smoothie

  1. Tricia Williamson says:

    Great summer smoothie suggestions, Gina. I like the almond milk with all kinds of frozen berries. Also got some fabulous fresh strawberries at the farmers market to add. Yum. It’s refreshing, healthy and beautiful, too.

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