I Wanted to Share Something That Comes Up A Lot

This was my response to a client’s journal entry, thought it a useful tip for everyone…it comes up a lot šŸ˜‰

Anxiety, Sadness, Depression, Mental and Emotional Highs and Lows, all feelings are in fact “linked” to your hormones. Hormones are linked and are strongly influenced by your daily mind/body, diet and lifestyle habits. Your daily habits, are your daily choices! “Choices are your “Nature Driven”or if you prefer, “God Given” Will of Power!” Assert your Power to Choose Wisely!

Hormone means “messenger”. Ā Feelings or hormones are another of Nature’s and/or God’s Gifts. Our built in GPS, our own personal guidance system, to let us know when we our in “alignment”/balance….in harmony with nature or out of balance and out of harmony. It’s that simple!

Allow a brief time or if need be, a “pitty party” for yourself and the message and then study the mind/body qualities of anxiety, sad , depressed, just like a scientist, or a yogini, objectively, with detached curiosity!
In Ayurveda this is an example of vata and kapha by nature, expressing in excess: mental emotional fatigue, nervous and physical exhaustion, low ojas, low immunity, low energy, poor sleep, digestive disturbances, increased fluid, muddy, dull, slow, heavy qualities.

Test question: What is a list of the opposite qualities and daily actions you would take to restore balance?
This is your Natural Holistic Mind/Body Prescription, your “Meds”!

Inconsistencies in self-care , chronic overdoing, over indulgence in anything andĀ  self-punishment are just as self-destructive as long term side effects from overuse of some meds.
When anxiety, sadness and depression are related to grieving, any kind of loss or even sudden or drastic life change, it is always normal to have these feelings in addition to fear and missing our loved ones.

Practice gratitiude for anything , even something small or for someone. Remember to appreciate something or someone daily.

Create a daily moment of Gratitude, Love & Appreciation for you, your Mind, Body and Spirit.
Who would want to see you Happy?
What simple idea or image brings you Joy and Happiness?

In addition to a Dosha Balancing Diet, Therapies, Meditation and Lifestyle….

Try saying this 3 times out loud, then 3 whispers, then 3 silently:

” I Absolutely Deserve Abundant Health, Happiness and Prosperity in All Areas of My Body, Mind and Life!”

Imagine it! Ā  Ā  Ā See It! Ā  Ā  Ā Believe it!”
Love & Light,


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3 Responses to I Wanted to Share Something That Comes Up A Lot

  1. Linda Neeley says:

    I needed this today. Thanks for reminding me.


  2. Tricia Williamson says:

    I can so relate to this, Gina. As you know, I was way out of balance last Spring. Since then, I’ve been much more compassionate with myself and consistent with my self care – organizing and preparing food at home (rather than eating out often), walking, practicing yoga and resistance training regularly, being grateful for and nurturing positive relationships, and letting go of attachment to negative people and situations. As a result, I’ve lost weight and feel much more energetic, hopeful and positive. Thanks for your wisdom, humor and encouragement. Tricia

    • Tricia, I am so proud and grateful for you as a former student and client, now long time friend and colleague.
      Thanks for loving and appreciating, me, Ayurveda and Yourself…Mind, Body & Spirit!
      Love & Light, Gina

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