Yoga and Ayurveda with Gina Caccavalla –

Yoga and Ayurveda with Gina Caccavalla – Wed, July 27th. 7:00AM AyurYoga All Levels Friendly Asana Practice and 9:30 Ayurveda & Chakras The Study of Mind/Body Subtle Energy. To register call the Living Yoga Program at 512-266-7926


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Yoga Instructor and Ayurveda Educator. Offering Wellness Consults, Workshops and Retreats on all Health and Life Issues everywhere.
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2 Responses to Yoga and Ayurveda with Gina Caccavalla –

  1. what are the best positions for asthma patients? please suggest.

    • Hi,
      Since I know nothing about the state of your mind body health or constitution I will address your question in general as it relates to Yoga…..
      A regular or even short yoga practice of 3-5 minutes building to 5-15 minutes 2-4x/week will always yield relief for Asthma sufferers:

      Poses like Cat/Cow are simple and massage all the vital organs including the heart and lungs.
      Downward Dog, more active is excellent for gradually opening, stretching and expanding diaphragmatic breathing and circulation, as well as building strength tone and stamina.
      Downward Dog can also help as a head and chest decongestant.If you have the strength try Downward Dog to Upward Dog a few rounds Inhaling to Up Dog, Exhaling to Down Dog 1-3x.
      Rest in child’s pose and prepare for some chest expanders also called “Heart Openers”.
      Either from Child”s Pose, Seated Chair Pose or Standing try interlacing your fingers behind your back or just stretch arms back lifting and opening the chest and heat center, breath slowly and gradually into the belly, ribs, chest and heart center. Slowly and gradually invite opening and release through breath and a soft smile.
      Now recline on your back with a pillow or two under your middle back, between the shoulder blades supporting your neck and head.Gently spread your arms out or up and back out to a “T”shape.
      Explore the breath gently in all positions an then close your eyes and rest.
      There are countless chest and heart openers and restorative yoga practices….Check out my blog for more.

      Just this week an Ayurveda Patient came to me with Long Term Asthma and felt it was not only exercised induced, but suspected it might also be stress related.
      I suggested some Mind & Body Yoga Therapy including Breath Awareness, Guided Self -Inquiry, Self-Reflection, Gentle Yoga and a little Non- Invasive Dialogue. We together discovered exactly what was causing the attacks, identified the stresses and began a holistic treatment program including appropriate exercise, diet, herbs as well as yoga.

      I too used to suffer, for years with severe Asthma, but no more.
      For me it was a balanced combination of mind body specific diet, exercise, mindful eating, rest including yoga and various ways like these to strengthen my lungs and my immune system.

      In Ayurvedic Medicine there is a direct link between the stomach, immune system and lungs. There is also a strong understanding that there exists a mind/body connection to all imbalance and disease.

      For specific yoga that I know will help relieve symptoms, regularly watch, listen and practice both my yoga video shorts and meditation podcasts.

      If you need further assistance feel free to contact me for a wellness or other consult.
      Namaste, Gina

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