Magical Maui!

I am still feeling all a-glow after our fantastic week-long retreat at Lumeria Maui! There is something about the islands of Hawaii that is powerfully healing beyond words. And we were blessed with an incredibly special group of retreat participants. Lumeria Maui could not have more gracious to us, and I am happy we picked their location for our first Hawaiian retreat!

One of the amazing things that strikes me here in Maui is the acceptance of aging naturally with ease and grace; the high regard and respect for elders and their wisdom; spontaneity and youth at any age……






















We were treated to several rainbows in what is said to be the rainbow capital of the world. ❤ This is the beautiful place in which we stayed…..Lumeria’s website is We hope to do another retreat there in 2014!

Lumeria Rainbow Picture







All of our organic, locally produced meals were spectacular. Wow the food was A-MAZING!

Delicious Dinner!



One of our beautiful Yoginis shared her photos with us on photo bucket. Check them out here:  AyurYogaSpa Yoga Ed-venture Retreat pictures in Maui

This is one of me and Tricia….my right-hand gal, longtime friend and facilitator of our extraordinary Abhyanga treatments!

Gina & Tricia



Since my return to the ‘mainland’, something to ponder has come my way. Interestingly enough it is about the power of the islands that I previously mentioned:

Lemurian Journey:  

If you have ever wondered why you have been ‘pulled’ to Kauai, or have a calling or longing to be on Kauai, you may want to consider a Lemurian connection. Lemuria, found during or prior to the Atlantean Civilization, is also known as (Mu) which is considered to be a place found within the Pacific Ocean, included but not limited to the Hawaiian Islands, Fiji Islands, Easter Island… and part of the Los Angeles area. Lemurian people were highly evolved in meditation and used the language of energetic, sound, vibration and extra sensory perception which was thought to be accessed through their third eye, (yin tang) section of their body. Some believe that Lemurians were a culture focused on living within the land and nature harmoniously and organically, without the use of scientific technology. Those who are ‘called’ for this type of journey have found this to be a pivotal piece to their own healing which helps bring clarity and one closer to a higher vibrational consciousness.

Lemurian Connection






I am looking forward to many, many more retreats in the near future….we will keep you posted! In the meantime, you can find me in Westhampton Beach, NY all summer long. I am teaching and seeing clients privately at Hamptons Yoga Healing Arts and surfing up a storm up here!

Until next time…..Namaste,


Surf NY


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  1. G Caccavalla says:


  2. Beckie says:

    It looks like you are doing so well. I can certainly see how the “Lemuian Journey” crossed your path. What a gorgeous place to connect to yourself and the earth. Maybe in a few years, when my little one is even more independent, I’ll get to go too. My In Harmony yoga studio is almost complete. Keith and I have both taught classes in it. Miss you and can’t wait to see you when Texas cools again.

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