Breakfast Recipe Review

I made the breakfast recipe the fast way. Didn’t do the crock pot last night so I decided try to do all the same things, just on the stove top. I added ghee then nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander. Added rice to roast a bit, then water, apple, a drizzle maple syrup, and a few golden raisins. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!! I learned a few things… one, I don’t like cloves I never have and I only add them because I thought I should. My mom hates cloves too, so it’s genetic. Two, I’m glad I left the ginger out, apparently I don’t like that flavor combination. I liked that it was more solid. The rice wasn’t mush like it is in the crockpot. The rice was still rice and the apples were still chunks.Also, in the crockpot I seem to make it way too sweet. Because I really only made two portions on the stove top, I knew how much to add. In the crockpot it’s way too sweet I add too much maple syrup and too many raisins. So I could definitely use this as my “go to” recipe, switching it up with pears. I feel satisfied and like I did something good for my body.

-Sukh Aman Kaur


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